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Galway League Round 9 - Woodford loop Results

Results to follow shortly...

Round 9 2013 Galway League

Galway League Round 9 - Woodford loop

WCW host the 9th round of the Galway League this Tuesday 20th August.

Sign on/start is at the car park on the Lake Road in Loughrea from 6.30 to 6.50. First group off at 7, splits decided on the night based on numbers signing on. The route heads to Woodford takes a right and climbs again before taking the return to Loughrea. It finishes at the same drag used in the WCW race. Safety statement.

Contact Ollie if you can help out and marshall on the night. As ever all assistance is appreciated to run a safe race.

Details on the route on strava.

Woodford loop

Galway League Round 4 Results - Loughrea to Derrybrien

24 riders signed on in the continental like conditions on Tuesday 4th June. The race route took the riders down the fast section from Loughrea to Gort and then turned left climbing about 200m to the windmills.

With the lower numbers there were only 2 groups on the road with a 3.30 handicap. Scratch consisted of about 10 riders, including some of the returning men of the Ras. The first group, with a number of strong riders, took full advantage of the handicap to ride well to maintain that gap to the Gort turn, loosing only 30s in the first 15km.

The lads in scratch were concentrating more on their tans than working as a group, and the end result was a number of splits, as the attacking begun after 8k. Some hard riding from the split group almost caught scratch but 3 mins was too much to make up on the climb.

The front group split on the climb to Derrybrien, and 4 riders contested the finish, with Francis Gannon getting it on the line from Aidan Reade.

Thanks to the marshals who helped out on the night, John on the motorbike, and the civil defence for ambulance cover.

An investigation is underway related to a rider who got an alleged tow from about kilometer 5 to the turn to Derrybrien. However after some discussion, it was agreed any advantage was negated by the amount of diesel fumes consumed.


2 - Aidan Reade Black Rose

3 - Peter Forde Realt

4 - John Davoren WCW

5 - Dave Sexton - Seven Springs

6 - Keith Nugent - Seven Springs

7 - Paul Kavanagh - GBCC

8 - Martin Kilgannon - GBCC

9 - Graham Beasley - Black Rose

10 - Paul Crowe - Black Rose

Galway League Round 4 - WCW - Windmills

WCW will be hosting round 4 of the Galway League on Tuesday 4th June.

Sign on/race summary
  • Sign on from 6.30 to 7 at Supervalu car park, Loughrea.
  • CI Ireland club competition license or higher required
  • First group off on Gort road at 7.15, distance approx 42km.
  • Lead cars, moto marshall and ambulance will be provided
  • Race will be handicapped, most likely 3 groups on the road depending on numbers on the night.
Safety Statement/Route map
If you can help out marshalling on the night drop Ollie a mail.

Galway League Round 3 - Realt - Belclare

Round 3 of the Galway Cycling League takes place Tuesday 21st at Belclare. Check out the Realt site for more details. The support this year from the Galway clubs has been excellent with over 40 out each night.
If you fancy trying it out and have a club license or greater head out to the next round.

Galway Cycling League 2013

Last year Seven Springs took on running the league every 2 weeks over various circuits centred around Loughrea. Approx 20-30 riders from the various Galway clubs turned out each Tuesday night to participate, with the final result coming right down to the last night between Brian Martin of Seven Springs and Padraig Forde of GBCC.

April 25th sees the start of the Galway Cycling LeagueThis year each of the 5 Galway clubs will host 2 nights, moving the racing around the county. These races provide a great opportunity to test your racing legs in a smaller group. Typically there are 3 groups on the road, with the time gaps set to give everyone a fair chance. In addition, this year the committee will be trying to pilot a new scoring system with the top 3 from each group on the road scoring across the line. For example if you are in the 2nd group and caught by the scratch group behind you but you can hold your own and finish with them, you will score 100 as the first finisher of the 2nd group.

This provides everyone from starters/intermediate/elite with the opportunity to race against those in their group. Winning riders will be promoted to the next group back. Depending on how the scores develops this may be tweaked over the season.

A club competition license is required to participate.

8 from 10 races will count, giving you the opportunity to help organise the nights WCW hosts 2 races.

Between now and the start of the league we'll try to run a few racing spins from Oranmore on Tuesday nights. Contact Ollie if you're interested.